Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Plight of Indian Police

The Plight of Indian Police.

Regretfully placed police personal with lot of stigma attached to their uniform are carrying out the act of jugglery between the ruling and the opposition political parties along with the duties attached to their job. The sombre looking men in uniform are mowed down by the pressures of ever increasing crime in this restive world coupled with political patronage enjoyed by the criminals. These people are first to be blamed for every criminal activity and further investigations initiated by them to book the criminals are mostly hampered by undue political interference and criticism. These khaki clad men are mercilessly dissected by the print and electronic media which holds them responsible for every evil which exists in the society. The status of the police force has been reduced to mere slaves of their political masters who are appointed and placed at various stations and designations just to carry out acts of vendetta against the opponents of the ruling party.

In the present system of policing justice evades those who are ill equipped to afford it. To seek justice you need political patronage otherwise all your efforts are futile. Police these days generally does not act on its own and seeks direction from the local MLA. Excessive political interference in the working of police has rendered it ineffective. Discipline has been sacrificed within the police force as any junior officer may not heed to the orders of senior officer if he has a political godfather. Such ranks enjoy political immunity for all their acts and omissions. Senior IPS officers who are selected on the basis of merit and have excelled in various disciplines are appointed to carry out the orders of politicians who may not have any educational qualification. This cream of intelligentsia has to accept most irrational demands of their political bosses. Self-respect is crucified and logic is sacrificed to pave the way for jungle law “Survival of the fittest”. And still we expect justice.

Poor police against whom judgement is always passed by us without hearing and the verdict is always, “Found Guilty”. This kind of a negative and highly biased attitude of our society has led to moral erosion of the police force. Appreciation remains a distant possibility for the people who are entrusted with the most challenging assignment to maintain law and order in our restless society. We as a society have miserably failed to understand the limitations of the police force and the various challenges posed before it in present times. We are quick to blame but we always fail to appreciate. One important fact which needs to be understood by us is that nowadays police along with the criminals has also to deal with politicians who are a more potent evil and still they try to strike balance in order to do some justice to their rank and profile.

Political interference has to stop for efficient policing. Some law has to be enacted to protect the police force against the political intrusions. Public needs to be more aware regarding the various challenges faced by our police force. Media needs to exercise restraint in unduly blaming the police force for all acts and omissions. We need to evolve a strong support system for our police force. Corruption and other issues plaguing the police force cannot be treated unless the political interference is stopped. We need to adopt a system under which police should be able to work fearlessly without any external pressures.

Let’s change our attitude towards the police and lend our moral support in its fight against crime.

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