Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Open Letter To Rahul Gandhi.

Open Letter To Rahul Gandhi.

Dear Rahul Gandhi,

I am making this representation to you in the interest of the nation and that of your political party too. The Jan Lokpal Andolan as popularly known is mass agitation against corruption in our country. A 74 year old non controversial man with Gandhian philosophy has taken the initiative to raise the voice against this menace. People have endorsed his philosophy and have given unflinching support to the anti corruption movement.

The important but a simple point to understand is that large scale corruption has become unbearable for the people of India and they are out on roads to peacefully protest against it. Simplicity, honesty, truthfulness and dedication of a man called Anna Hazare has drawn them towards him and it has been a spontaneous response of the public in his favour.

Political manoeuvres are of no use at this stage. What is needed is honest action for eradication of corruption from our system.

Rahul, if I look at it from your point of view than this is the moment to prove your credentials to the people of India. This kind of opportunity to show your genuineness and your love for the people of your country may not come again. People of India are looking at you with hope that once again you will keep up your support for a true cause.

Rahul, I am sorry to say but you are ill-advised on the political opportunity knocking at your door. Your one good gesture at this stage can make you a national hero. People around the globe are watching. This is the time to show your strength of character. Unfortunately the spokespersons of congress have been most arrogant in their approach towards this issue. People like Manish Tiwari have done no good to your party by insulting an old man who is fighting for a just cause.

You will have to appreciate the spirit of patriotism among the people of India which has become an example for the rest of the world. This agitation against corruption has once again revitalised the enormous love for our country. It is important to have a check on the people in power as corruption is the outcome of enormous human greed and unbridled power acts as a catalyst to this phenomenon. Thus a strong and effective anti corruption legislation is needed.

Jan Lok Pal or Lok Pal, that is actually not the issue. What Anna ji and his team desires is a strong anti corruption legislation and they are more than willing to discuss all the views in this regard. But at the same time we do have to accept it that this bill has been hanging since 1969. None of the governments has been able to see it through. The big question is WHY?

Rahul ,take the initiative. Go and meet Anna Ji yourself. I hope it won’t hurt your ego to approach an old man with impeccably clean record who has been fasting since last eight days. Commit yourself for earliest passage of this anti corruption bill and open the discussions. People have faith in you and they will listen to you and believe your commitment. Have genuine people on the panel to resolve the issue who would not be under any political pressure. Make the first move in this direction and watch the nation stand by you.

Rahul, This is the opportunity to do good to the nation, yourself and your party. Don’t lose it.

Love & Regards.

Jolly Ghuman.