Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lets Discuss God and Divinity.

Thoughts of the day.


I am elated. It is the most intense feelings of a very great internal happiness and abundance. This state of eternal trance goes beyond the limitations of materialistic definitions. It is a blissful reunion with the soul. It is a heavenly grace which is experienced for fleeting moments and has the tendency to disappear due to numerous deficiencies in our mind and body. It is the truth of life which is so close to us yet we fail to grasp it. The heavenly grace appears at various opportune moments of life but we fail to comprehend this pious and truly spiritual language of the almighty. Non compliance by us of the natural spiritual authority has devastated all the goodness within us. We have adopted the beastly behaviour and are no more interested in the finer values. We are lost in the journey of life. We have deviated from the path leading to the eternal bliss and are lost in the world of sufferings bereft of all happiness.

A dirty utensil cannot contain clean water. Similarly human body disgraced and corrupted by all the malice’s of this world cannot contain a pious soul. This is the simple truth which we need to understand. Going to various religious places to seek God is a futile pursuit where as our own body is the real temple of God and Goodness. Try to locate it within your own self and you will be surprised and shocked by what you were missing in this life. Internal cleansing through good deeds and pious behaviour can lead us to the path of goodness which is God itself. Recitation of holy literature is meant to teach us goodness and superficial narration of such holy books is a fruitless exercise. God is so very close to us yet we have distanced ourselves from this heavenly entity. We have over ages purposefully complicated the truth of life in order to accomplish our materialistic agenda.

We seek blessings but fail to deliver the same. Why is it so? Because we are selfish beings. The truth of life is within our own selves but we try to seek it from various other places. This is the irony of life. Make a conscious effort to slow down in the race for more and even more. Try to extinguish the insatiable fire of greed. Seek goodness in life and shun the evils. Learn to forgive and inculcate the true feelings of love for all fellow human beings. Probe your internal self, explore your conscious and try to locate the actual objective of life. You do not need to learn the principles of goodness from others as they are enshrined within you. You just need to bring them out and make these the way of your life. We need to master the art of living truly and happily. Happiness is automatic result of truthful living. Humility can solve lot of problems being faced by our generation. Overcome anger and let the peace prevail. Come closer to the nature and appreciate the natural beauty for it is the creation of almighty. Nature gives you peace and tranquillity.

Laugh your way through life. Enjoy and relish every moment you spend in this world. Be what you are for you are one and only with unique traits and personality. Thank God for being what you are and maintain your individual character. Do not try to copy others. Envy and Jealousy are the negative feelings which can lead to utter disharmony and unhappiness in life. Avoid being envious and jealous as being happy for others can give you lot of happiness. Good wishes are reciprocal in nature so seek happiness and prosperity for everyone. Faith is the most powerful force that can do wonders in life. Have unflinching faith in Goodness and God. The almighty is there to bless all but we are too busy to seek his blessings rather we have lost all faith in the supreme power. We have started thinking ourselves to be supreme and this has made us arrogant. Try to come out of this superiority complex and surrender yourself to the almighty God. Once we do this, all our worries, sorrows and fears disappear giving way to absolute peace, tranquillity and happiness in life.

Fall in love with life, fall in love with God. Be happy and contented.

May God Bless You.

Humble Feelings Expressed With Love By

Jolly Ghuman.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

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