Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Open Letter To Rahul Gandhi.

Open Letter To Rahul Gandhi.

Dear Rahul Gandhi,

I am making this representation to you in the interest of the nation and that of your political party too. The Jan Lokpal Andolan as popularly known is mass agitation against corruption in our country. A 74 year old non controversial man with Gandhian philosophy has taken the initiative to raise the voice against this menace. People have endorsed his philosophy and have given unflinching support to the anti corruption movement.

The important but a simple point to understand is that large scale corruption has become unbearable for the people of India and they are out on roads to peacefully protest against it. Simplicity, honesty, truthfulness and dedication of a man called Anna Hazare has drawn them towards him and it has been a spontaneous response of the public in his favour.

Political manoeuvres are of no use at this stage. What is needed is honest action for eradication of corruption from our system.

Rahul, if I look at it from your point of view than this is the moment to prove your credentials to the people of India. This kind of opportunity to show your genuineness and your love for the people of your country may not come again. People of India are looking at you with hope that once again you will keep up your support for a true cause.

Rahul, I am sorry to say but you are ill-advised on the political opportunity knocking at your door. Your one good gesture at this stage can make you a national hero. People around the globe are watching. This is the time to show your strength of character. Unfortunately the spokespersons of congress have been most arrogant in their approach towards this issue. People like Manish Tiwari have done no good to your party by insulting an old man who is fighting for a just cause.

You will have to appreciate the spirit of patriotism among the people of India which has become an example for the rest of the world. This agitation against corruption has once again revitalised the enormous love for our country. It is important to have a check on the people in power as corruption is the outcome of enormous human greed and unbridled power acts as a catalyst to this phenomenon. Thus a strong and effective anti corruption legislation is needed.

Jan Lok Pal or Lok Pal, that is actually not the issue. What Anna ji and his team desires is a strong anti corruption legislation and they are more than willing to discuss all the views in this regard. But at the same time we do have to accept it that this bill has been hanging since 1969. None of the governments has been able to see it through. The big question is WHY?

Rahul ,take the initiative. Go and meet Anna Ji yourself. I hope it won’t hurt your ego to approach an old man with impeccably clean record who has been fasting since last eight days. Commit yourself for earliest passage of this anti corruption bill and open the discussions. People have faith in you and they will listen to you and believe your commitment. Have genuine people on the panel to resolve the issue who would not be under any political pressure. Make the first move in this direction and watch the nation stand by you.

Rahul, This is the opportunity to do good to the nation, yourself and your party. Don’t lose it.

Love & Regards.

Jolly Ghuman.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Plight of Indian Police

The Plight of Indian Police.

Regretfully placed police personal with lot of stigma attached to their uniform are carrying out the act of jugglery between the ruling and the opposition political parties along with the duties attached to their job. The sombre looking men in uniform are mowed down by the pressures of ever increasing crime in this restive world coupled with political patronage enjoyed by the criminals. These people are first to be blamed for every criminal activity and further investigations initiated by them to book the criminals are mostly hampered by undue political interference and criticism. These khaki clad men are mercilessly dissected by the print and electronic media which holds them responsible for every evil which exists in the society. The status of the police force has been reduced to mere slaves of their political masters who are appointed and placed at various stations and designations just to carry out acts of vendetta against the opponents of the ruling party.

In the present system of policing justice evades those who are ill equipped to afford it. To seek justice you need political patronage otherwise all your efforts are futile. Police these days generally does not act on its own and seeks direction from the local MLA. Excessive political interference in the working of police has rendered it ineffective. Discipline has been sacrificed within the police force as any junior officer may not heed to the orders of senior officer if he has a political godfather. Such ranks enjoy political immunity for all their acts and omissions. Senior IPS officers who are selected on the basis of merit and have excelled in various disciplines are appointed to carry out the orders of politicians who may not have any educational qualification. This cream of intelligentsia has to accept most irrational demands of their political bosses. Self-respect is crucified and logic is sacrificed to pave the way for jungle law “Survival of the fittest”. And still we expect justice.

Poor police against whom judgement is always passed by us without hearing and the verdict is always, “Found Guilty”. This kind of a negative and highly biased attitude of our society has led to moral erosion of the police force. Appreciation remains a distant possibility for the people who are entrusted with the most challenging assignment to maintain law and order in our restless society. We as a society have miserably failed to understand the limitations of the police force and the various challenges posed before it in present times. We are quick to blame but we always fail to appreciate. One important fact which needs to be understood by us is that nowadays police along with the criminals has also to deal with politicians who are a more potent evil and still they try to strike balance in order to do some justice to their rank and profile.

Political interference has to stop for efficient policing. Some law has to be enacted to protect the police force against the political intrusions. Public needs to be more aware regarding the various challenges faced by our police force. Media needs to exercise restraint in unduly blaming the police force for all acts and omissions. We need to evolve a strong support system for our police force. Corruption and other issues plaguing the police force cannot be treated unless the political interference is stopped. We need to adopt a system under which police should be able to work fearlessly without any external pressures.

Let’s change our attitude towards the police and lend our moral support in its fight against crime.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lets Discuss God and Divinity.

Thoughts of the day.


I am elated. It is the most intense feelings of a very great internal happiness and abundance. This state of eternal trance goes beyond the limitations of materialistic definitions. It is a blissful reunion with the soul. It is a heavenly grace which is experienced for fleeting moments and has the tendency to disappear due to numerous deficiencies in our mind and body. It is the truth of life which is so close to us yet we fail to grasp it. The heavenly grace appears at various opportune moments of life but we fail to comprehend this pious and truly spiritual language of the almighty. Non compliance by us of the natural spiritual authority has devastated all the goodness within us. We have adopted the beastly behaviour and are no more interested in the finer values. We are lost in the journey of life. We have deviated from the path leading to the eternal bliss and are lost in the world of sufferings bereft of all happiness.

A dirty utensil cannot contain clean water. Similarly human body disgraced and corrupted by all the malice’s of this world cannot contain a pious soul. This is the simple truth which we need to understand. Going to various religious places to seek God is a futile pursuit where as our own body is the real temple of God and Goodness. Try to locate it within your own self and you will be surprised and shocked by what you were missing in this life. Internal cleansing through good deeds and pious behaviour can lead us to the path of goodness which is God itself. Recitation of holy literature is meant to teach us goodness and superficial narration of such holy books is a fruitless exercise. God is so very close to us yet we have distanced ourselves from this heavenly entity. We have over ages purposefully complicated the truth of life in order to accomplish our materialistic agenda.

We seek blessings but fail to deliver the same. Why is it so? Because we are selfish beings. The truth of life is within our own selves but we try to seek it from various other places. This is the irony of life. Make a conscious effort to slow down in the race for more and even more. Try to extinguish the insatiable fire of greed. Seek goodness in life and shun the evils. Learn to forgive and inculcate the true feelings of love for all fellow human beings. Probe your internal self, explore your conscious and try to locate the actual objective of life. You do not need to learn the principles of goodness from others as they are enshrined within you. You just need to bring them out and make these the way of your life. We need to master the art of living truly and happily. Happiness is automatic result of truthful living. Humility can solve lot of problems being faced by our generation. Overcome anger and let the peace prevail. Come closer to the nature and appreciate the natural beauty for it is the creation of almighty. Nature gives you peace and tranquillity.

Laugh your way through life. Enjoy and relish every moment you spend in this world. Be what you are for you are one and only with unique traits and personality. Thank God for being what you are and maintain your individual character. Do not try to copy others. Envy and Jealousy are the negative feelings which can lead to utter disharmony and unhappiness in life. Avoid being envious and jealous as being happy for others can give you lot of happiness. Good wishes are reciprocal in nature so seek happiness and prosperity for everyone. Faith is the most powerful force that can do wonders in life. Have unflinching faith in Goodness and God. The almighty is there to bless all but we are too busy to seek his blessings rather we have lost all faith in the supreme power. We have started thinking ourselves to be supreme and this has made us arrogant. Try to come out of this superiority complex and surrender yourself to the almighty God. Once we do this, all our worries, sorrows and fears disappear giving way to absolute peace, tranquillity and happiness in life.

Fall in love with life, fall in love with God. Be happy and contented.

May God Bless You.

Humble Feelings Expressed With Love By

Jolly Ghuman.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011